An Unrivalled Reputation for Quality And Customer Care


Mr. Masahi Ueno, a resident of Hamamatsu on the eastern coast of Japan’s Honshu Island, founded CRESTEC Japan in 1984. Since its founding, CRESTEC has expanded rapidly developing an international network of offices and becoming a global industry leader.

PT. CRESTEC Indonesia was incorporated in September 1997 to meet the increasing demand for high quality printing from the international manufacturing sector. Despite many initial setbacks – the most prominent being the economic recession and socio-political crisis that rocked the country in 1998 – CRESTEC Indonesia has managed to grow year on year by offering its clients international quality services at local prices.

In 2001 the company established a second plant in Surabaya and increased its total output capacity with the introduction of new methods and cutting edge technologies-sales nearly doubled that year. CRESTEC Indonesia also became the first offset printing company to be awarded ISO 9002 certification for quality management in early 1999. In 2001 after implementing several ambitious green programs such as wastewater treatment systems and the use of recycled paper and biodegradable ink, CRESTEC Indonesia was awarded the ISO 14001 certificate for environmental management.

With an excellent industry track record and an unrivalled reputation for quality and customer care, CRESTEC is proud to count some of the world’s largest multinationals among its loyal client base. Involved in a range of diversified industries including transportation, software developing, automation, multimedia and medicine, our client have come to expect only the best and we have met their expectations time and time again. CRESTEC Indonesia produces a range of printed materials including instruction manuals, software packageds and cardboard boxes. With its efficient production schedules, reasonable pricing schemes and flexibility, CRESTEC Indonesia has become a favorit among the many international manufacturing giants from whom the bulk of its local business derived.